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401 – CATOBAR – Appendix


BRC Base recovery course, which is the ship’s magnetic course.
Final Bearing (FB) The magnetic bearing assigned by CATCC for final approach (an extension of the landing area centerline); usually BRC minus the landing area angle of 9°
Expected Approach Time (EAT) The future time at which an aircraft is cleared to depart inbound or penetrate from a pre-assigned fix. Aircraft depart and commence approach at assigned time if no further instructions are received
Platform A reporting point in the ship’s TACAN approach (normally at 20 NM from the ship at 5,000 feet) at which the rate of descent is decreased to 2,000 feet per minute.
Meatball Light projected by source lens on the IFLOLS.
Ball See “Meatball.”
Roger Ball The call made by the LSO that indicates you are cleared to land and the LSO has positive control (call made less than a mile prior to landing).
Clara When the ball is not visible.
Carrier Control Zone (CCZ) The airspace within a circular limit defined by a 5 mile radius around the ship surface up to and including 2,500 feet under the cognizance of the Air Boss during VFR conditions.
Kilo “Kilo” radio call indicates the aircraft is mission-ready
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