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CAS / FAC – Pt.09 – Type 3 addendum


For Type 3 CAS, there are a few minor differences. The check-in and SITREP are done as usual, however the game plan, 9-line and attacks will have some changes.

Game plan

The game plan will state the Type 3, but could now also feature a time-sync.
This to ensure the FAC and CAS have their clocks set up correctly.

CAS-brief and attack(s)

While the 9-line remains largely the same, in the remarks, the FAC will coordinate the timings. So after the readback:

Readback correct, cleared to engage between 30 through 45, report IP inbound

Wilco, Rumble 31

The CAS aircraft will fly to the IP and call IP inbound. From that point on, the CAS aircraft has free reign.

During the engagement, calls of weapon release are to be made as usual.

Rumble 31, IP inbound

Heartless 52

Rumble 31, 1 away, APC

Rumble 31, rifle T-55

Before the timeslot closes, the CAS aircraft is to be out of the AO and back at CP. This is to allow the next CAS aircraft to directly commence when their timeslot starts.

Rumble 31, established Charlie 10

Heartless 52

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