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202 – CATOBAR – Departure – CASE II / III

CASE II Departure

Case II departures are flown during the day when visual conditions are present at the carrier, but a controlled climb through the clouds is required. The weather minimums are a cloud deck above 1,000 feet and visibility greater than 5 miles. After the clearing turn, proceed straight ahead at 500 feet and 300 KIAS paralleling the BRC as on Case I. At 7 miles from the carrier, turn to intercept the arc running 10 miles from the carrier, staying below the cloud deck. Stay on this 10-mile arc until you reach the briefed departure radial. Climb on that course maintaining 300 KIAS until clear of the clouds.

CASE III Departure

Case III departures are flown at night and when weather conditions are IMC, and a controlled climb is required (NO CLEARING TURN REQUIRED).  The aircraft will launch on Departure Control frequency, with a minimum launch interval of 30 seconds between aircraft.  Following the launch, climb straight ahead at 300 kts, crossing 5 NM at 1500 AGL or above. At 7 NM, turn to intercept the 10 NM arc. Continue climbing then join the departure radial.  The following voice reports and examples are commonly used during Case III departures

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