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101 – CATOBAR – Flight Deck Procedures

Nimitz class carrier schematic

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11 TSG CVN Startup Procedure

  • Start the aircraft. Rearm, refuel as briefed

  • Check in with flight on assigned AUX/MID frequency as applicable

  • Check in tower frequency (PRI BTN 6) when startup complete (hot aircraft, rearm/refuel complete and alignment complete) and ready for departure

  • If no human controller available: Announce taxi to assigned CAT (This information is on the Airboss Briefing for each sortie

  • Approach assigned CAT

  • After lined up on CAT perform final cockpit check (Warning Lights – Flaps – Trim – External Lights

  • Launch and report airborne

Flight Deck Crew

Yellow Shirts

These include the Plane Directors who will guide you around the deck and into position for launch. All taxi guidance comes from these personnel.

Green Shirts

Catapult and Arresting Gear crews position the holdback bar and ensure proper attachment to the catapult shuttle.

Brown Shirts

These include Plane Captains and Line Petty Officers. They are responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft in flight and are often referred to as ‘owning’ the aircraft.

Blue Shirts

Tractor Drivers, Messengers and Phone Talkers and Elevator Operators.

Purple Shirts

These are the Fueling personnel who are responsible for safely refueling aircraft and equipment on deck

Red Shirts

These are the Aviation Ordnancemen who build, test, transport, and load weapons on the aircraft. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel are also red shirts.

White Shirts

Final Checkers, Landing Signal Officers (LSO). Other white shirts include Safety personnel, Medical personnel, Quality Assurance personnel and Air Transfer Officers (ATO).

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