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RTC – MOD-03 – Pt.12 – A Final word on 11TSG use of Altimeter Settings

Within 11TSG we use a very simplified procedure of using Altimeter settings. This very much does not fully conform to any specific Aviation Authority.

This is mostly due to keeping the procedures simple for all pilots, and also for mission makers. But we are also limited due to what the DCS weather engine can produce.

On a typical mission/sortie, you will begin by setting the Airfield QFE once departed the Airfield, whether controlled by a controller or not, you will switch to the SAS for transit.

If remaining in the VCCT or Radar Circuit, you will maintain the QFE.

You will remain on the SAS until you are told to switch to the QFE by a controller, or if flying back to an uncontrolled airfield, once you are 15-20nm away (before entering the airfield airspace).

QNH Airfield Ops are not used in 11TSG, instead when the QFE is outside the range of the aircrafts’ altimeter, we will use the QNE.

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