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RTC – MOD-04 – Pt.07 – Final thoughts

Talking to the Ground Controller really is as simple as “Request Taxi” and “Request Taxi Back” do not over complicate it, things you may see and hear other people/pilots/entities do, don’t emulate it. They are often using bad habits, or different procedures. Unless you fully understand those procedures and reasons, you shouldn’t be using any other comms than described earlier, and if you do know the procedures and reasons fully, then you’ll know they are not needed here, so don’t use them!

If you’re expecting “Taxi via A, B, G….” It won’t happen, the Ground Controller will rarely know how the airfield is layed out with regards to taxiway names so they often can’t help you even if they wanted to, which they don’t!

Smaller Airfields also don’t use them anyway, the majority of military airfields in DCS you’d just be given instructions to the holding point. More specific information on routing would normally be held in Sqn SOPs (IRL).

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