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RTC – MOD-06 – Pt.01 – Intro

Welcome to Module 6 of the RTC. In this module we’re going to cover ATC Visual Circuits and Approaches and how they are used in 11TSG.

In the course you will cover the following:

  • What is the Visual Circuit (VCCT)
  • How to fly the VCCT
  • Types of Joins to the VCCT
    • Visual Run in and Break (VRIAB)
    • Straight In (SI) Approach
    • Radar to Visual
  • Considerations

To finish the course you will be required to pass a Check of Understanding, and as such you will be required to reach 100% in the Check of Understanding to advance to the next module.

In the event you are unable to achieve 100% you should speak to your mentor/Sqn lead to find out what areas need remedial training on to advance to the next module.

Table of Contents
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