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RTC – MOD-08 – Pt.07 – Pressure

We’ve discussed pressure before in module 3. When pressure is reported in weather, it will often be QNH (because civilian aviation uses QNH) but sometimes it can be QFE, you will only know when looking at real reports if you know the aerodrome or reporting point. In 11TSG our reports will always be QNH unless specifically stated as QFE.

When reading the report it will be obvious if the pressure is in inHg, or hPa, numbers around 1000 are hPa, ones around 30.00 will be inHg… as the majority of our aircraft we use require pressure in inHg, that will be most common. A pressure report will look like this:

“Q29.92” or “A29.92”

“Q” can mean either QNH or QFE, “A” will always mean QNH.

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