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RTC – MOD-08 – Pt.08 – Trends, Remarks and Aerodrome Colour Codes

In this lesson we will look at the reporting of Trends, Remarks and Colour codes.


A trend is a mini forecast using the pre described reporting notes to describe future weather “trends” over the next few hours


Remarks are reported so that others know non-weather related issues at the aerodrome in question, for example if the runway lighting is out of service, or navigational aids are unserviceable

Colour Codes

Colour codes are a quick descriptor to define the basic characteristics of the weather conditions at an aerodrome, based solely on cloud height and visibility. Worse the colour code, more you can expect to struggle to get in to land… anything Green or worse the VCCT is closed and recoveries are IFR only.

Below is a table of colour codes:

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