6 SQN – Cerberus

6SQN is set up to be a squadron with a wider range of modules. The goal of 6SQN is to train members and ultimately work towards forming a new squadron for their specific module. Because 6 SQN was formed with members from other squadrons, we have Senior Staff available that know the in’s and out’s of the group, while also covering the knowledge of all the modules in the inventory among us.

After graduating from 1 SQN, the recruit is ready to join 6 SQN and training will continue on the material that is universal within 11TSG. This entails:

  • Radio procedures
  • Brevity terminology and brevity practice
  • VFR and IFR procedures
  • Mission and Briefing creation
  • Weather knowledge and altimeter usage

Besides training the above universal skills, training will be focused on the aspects that your module needs. This will cover basics to advanced usage, but also tactics and such.


As described, there is a limit to the airframes that are being used in 6SQN. These are under 3 categories.
The airframes have a postfix which indicates if the airframe is actively flown. If its active, we can take in recruits for it. If it is not active, there is a possibility that it is not possible to take in recruits. Be sure to talk to us on the recruitment Discord.

 Late Cold War

  • AJS-37 (inactive)
  • F-14A/B (active)
  • M-2000C (inactive)

  Post Cold War

  • A-10C / A-10C II (active)
  • JF-17 (inactive)

  Rotary Aircraft

  • Mi-8 (inactive)
  • Mi-24P (inactive)
  • UH-1H (inactive)

When joining 6 SQN there is an important reservation that needs to be made: The missions 11 TSG runs on Saturdays are created by all of us, in which some makers focus on a specific narrative. It is possible that modules in the 6SQN arsenal may be excluded from this narrative. While we will put effort into resolving these challenges when they arise, we would like you to be aware that it is the mission maker’s prerogative.

Activities are at the same time for those in timezones with Summer / Winter time changes.

Missions, briefings and training are always at 19:30Z during the summer and 20:30Z during the winter. These take place on Saturday, Monday and Thursday respectively.

As for what we ask of you, as a potential new member:

  •  You to know the basics of the module you want to fly
  •  You are interested in a realistic approach to flying DCS and willing to learn the material to achieve this realism
  •  You are able to behave maturely
  •  You are able to communicate in English
  •  Attendance:
    • Thursday Training:  Before achieving FLT LT, PO’s and FO’s are to have a 50% training attendance over each quarter
    • Once reaching member status, this is reduced to 20%
    • Saturday Missions:
      • In general, none of the missions are mandatory because we expect this is the goal of someone joining 11TSG
    • Monday Briefing:
      • For PO’s and FO’s, briefings are mandatory for mission participation. This is to get everyone acquainted with both people and the way we do things in 11TSG
      • Upon reaching FTL LT, there is no restriction but it is expected you attend when you can, especially if you intend to lead flights.
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