6 SQN – Cerberus

6SQN is was set up to be a squadron with a wider range of modules, spanning multiple eras and types. As that proved to be quite hard to manage and ensure everyone is up-to-date with all the procedures and with each other, it was decided that 6 SQN will focus on a smaller set of airframes, but enough of them to have a bit of a diversity. 

Our main taskings are mostly Air-to-Ground oriented, but with the Strike Eagle coming shortly, Air-to-Air training is going to get a bit more attention.

Like other SQNs in 11 TSG, we try to fly as realistic as we can, but we don’t want to turn DCS into a second job. Elitism, snobbism and “my way or highway” attitudes are not welcome. We want everyone to be here because they enjoy aviation, have fun in flying models of aircraft we most likely will never sit in IRL, learn how actual pilots use those aircraft,…


The selection of airframes in 6 SQN has finally settled for the following:

  • A-10C Warthog
  • F-16CM
  • Mirage 2000C
  • F-15E Strike Eagle

Expectations and Requirements


It is expected from each Flying Officer (FO) to have basic understanding of the airframe they wish to fly. We can offer training “from the ground up”, however that will require of the FO to be prepared and willing to study documentation of the airframe and use Instructor Pilot’s time effectively during SQN training days.

In addition to the positive attitude towards learning, we do require an attendance of at least 50% of events during the quarter. Attendance is required on following:

  • Saturday missions – 11 TSG Main events (that’s why we’re here)
  • SQN training days (see below)
  • Mondays briefings – Only if flying as Flight Lead


After graduating from 1 SQN, FOs will need to complete Initial Qualification Training (IQT) or Combat Rating White (CR White) for their respective airframe within 8 weeks from joining.
IQTs in 6 SQN are structured as such to allow FOs to get up to the SQN standard quickly and start flying the group missions as soon as possible.
CRs are more broad and focus on airframe knowledge rather than its tactical employment.

Once IQT is complete or CR White has been achieved, the new member is now considered a full member of the 6 SQN, and is allowed to fly on missions and campaigns. In case there are specific mission requirements of the airframe, it is the responsibility of a CO to ensure that all the members are sufficiently trained before sortie is to happen so the mission can be conducted.


Training day for 6 SQN is Saturday. Start times are 1930Z during summer, 2030Z during winter. Training environments will be either Marianas or NTTR.

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