9 SQN – Wolfpack

Some enjoy the comfort of having computers, tons of displays, and fly-by-wire in their cockpits. Some take to the other extreme and fly WW2 prop fighters. We found the best of both worlds right in the middle:
When jet engines were reliable and fast enough to go beyond Mach 2, electronics were on the rise to introduce powerful radars and inertial navigation systems – but the pilot was still the master of the airplane.
In the airframes from the mid-late cold war era, where we find some of the most famous jet fighters ever flown, like the F-4E Phantom II and the F-14A Tomcat.


  • F-5E Tiger II (will be replaced by F-4E Phantom II)
  • F-14A Tomcat


  • Pancake (CO)
  • Wolfhound (XO)
  • Jarlerus
  • MightyDuck

Main Theaters

  • Marianas (Training)
  • Syria map (Missions)
  • Caucasus (Missions)

Training Days

We train on Thursdays, 2030z (1930z during DST) every 2 weeks
Carrier ops training (F-14A) is conducted on Fridays 2030z (1930z during DST) every other week.


We are open for recruitment on all our airframes.

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