1 SQN - Smokin Aces

11 TSG Training Squadron

2 SQN - Jolly Rogers

2 SQN were inspired by the real Strike Fighter Squadron 103 (VFA-103) nicknamed “Jolly Rogers” is a Naval Fighter Attack Squadron. Our primary goal to achieve a higher sim level in DCS and being a flagship squadron for the 11TSG. 

6 SQN - Cerberus

6 SQN is a primarily strike squadron, focusing heavily on all sorts Air-to-Ground operations using its selection of airframe to pick best one for the task.

With the A-10, F-16CM and Mirage 2000C currently active we can perform most, it not all missions. With the upcoming F-15E Strike Eagle joining our hangars, we will be even more formidable and capable of being fully self escorted strike package, regardless of the scenario.

7 SQN - Reapers

Conducting rotary-wing attack-reconnaissance operations loosely based on US Army procedures. Currently we employ the mighty AH-64D Apache for all duties, with the intent of diversifying to the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior when it releases. We focus on multirole, tactical and intense flying with opportunities for generalists and specialists alike!

10 SQN - Rangers

10 SQN is a reserve transport and logistic squadron for 11 TSG

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