1 SQN – Smokin Aces


1 SQN is the training squadron for 11TSG. Everyone that joins 11TSG will join 1 SQN first. To graduate, the recruit needs to pass both the RTC-T and RTC-P. Once graduated. the recruit will be ready to join their aspired SQN. There can still be additional requirements for said SQN so be sure to check those out.

The recruit will start off both Theory and Practical training right away.
The RTC-T (Recruit Training Course Theory) consists of 7 modules that has multiple CoUs (Check of Understandings).
After each CoU, an IP (Instructor Pilot) will ensure the recruit understands the material.

On the Fridays the RTC-P will be trained. This will all be done in the T-45. At first, an IP will be in the backseat to help you out. There is a possibility to fly the RTC-P in a different aircraft but this is to be seen as an exception for very advanced pilots only.
The content trained, in addition to the practical side of the RTC-T, is:

  • Climbs & descends
  • Turns
  • Taxiing
  • Take off
  • Landing
  • Formation flying
  • VCCT
During the process, the IP will decide when the recruit is ready to fly alone.
This will be after when the radio communications are picked up by the recruit.

When the recruit is ready, there will be a check-ride. The check-ride is a simple verification that the recruit is able to do all of the above without direct help.
When the examiner passes, the recruit had graduated 1 SQN.

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