2 SQN – Jolly Rogers


The “2 squadron” were inspired by real Strike Fighter Squadron 103 (VFA-103) nicknamed “Jolly Rogers” is a Naval Fighter Attack Squadron. 2SQN were established on 5th January 2018 by Acel right after the 11TSG establishment. Our primary goal to achieve a higher sim level in DCS and being a flagship squadron for the 11TSG. Focus on Carrier Operations, proper communication and standard procedures to give the maximum reality back to the pilots who are extremely dedicated to learn and maintain a high level of training readiness. Jolly Rogers are flying the F/A-18C.


Trainings held on Tuesdays from 19:30Z (20:30Z Winter time) (Details in SQN Training schedule)
Recruitment status: LIMITED(Based on experience)



  • Acel – O6 (CO)
  • Werkuh- O5 (XO)
  • Ghost- O4
  • BitBreaker – O3
  • Ater – O3
  • Jag – O3
  • Buckaroo – Res
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