3 SQN – Strike Masters

3 Sqn are primarily a Strike Fighter Sqn with the F-16C in its inventory. This aircraft inventory uniquely position the Sqn to carry out any type of mission, in almost any scenario.

The goal of 3 Sqn is to train hard to have some of the best pilots in the group who can be relied upon by other Sqns to effectively carry out the mission, weather that’s escorting, CAP, AI or anything in-between.

One of the founding Sqns of 11TSG, 3 Sqn look to achieve its goals by creating a high level of camaraderie between its pilots through rigorous training as well as plenty of light-hearted fun.

3 Sqn’s tough training regiment generates a realistic atmosphere between elements during sorties including the use of realistic briefings/debriefings, communications, and flight techniques and procedures.

New recruits to the Sqn do not have to be especially skilled, but are expected to have a high level of determination and willingness to learn their chosen airframe and the TTPs employed by the Sqn in order to become an effective member of the team.

There is no official requirement to purchase and learn both the aircraft used by the Sqn, we’d rather you be deadly efficient in one than just ‘ok’ in both!


Pancake (Sqn CO)

Jarlerus (XO)

3 Sqn hold training sessions Sundays 2030z wintertime (Nov – Mar) and 2030a summertime (Apr – Oct)

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