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CAS / FAC – Pt.03 – SITREP


After the check-in and holding instructions, the CAS aircraft will fly to the instructed holding point.
When the CAS aircraft is established and calls this to the FAC, the FAC will provide the SITREP.

The SITREP is simply the FAC telling CAS aircraft the situation. The CAS simply listens and writes down any information they might not remember.


FAC will brief the current situation using TTFACORLH
The information can be provided by the FAC without any markers indicating what is what and it is up to the CAS to ensure they understand it correctly.
If there is any doubt, request clarification.

T – Target area and or Targets
T – Threats
F – Friendlies 
A – Artillery (omit if not applicable)
C – Clearance Authority (omit if not applicable)
O – Ordnance
R – Restrictions
L – Local SEAD efforts (omit if not applicable)
H – Hazards

Some explanation is necessary on the C, which will be omitted in 11TSG use. In reality, it’s very possible to have a ground commander give the briefing and mark, but a JTAC who’s not on-site exerting control and giving clearance.

For the A, artillery fires have to be deconflicted by an area with CAS, but it’s still very possible that artillery fires drop close to the AO and could confuse the pilot if not properly briefed. This will be a rare occurrence in 11TSG but could happen.

Radio example

Established Charlie 10, angels 17, Rumble 31

Rumble 31,
Estimate 6 vehicles, 2 squads infantry on Supply Depot in R23H firing range, mainly trucks and APCs
1 by ZU-23 on truck
no close friendlies
1 bomb or missile per pass
no restrictions
no hazards
Advise when ready game plan

Ready game plan, Rumble 31

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