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RTC – MOD-03 – Pt.09 – QNE

QNE is the least used and is actually NOT an Altimeter Setting! QNE is a NUMBER (in feet or metres depending on aircraft type) that the altimeter will read on touchdown with the SAS set.

The majority of aircrafts’ baro input is limited to between 950 hPa and 1050 hPa however, very occasionally a QFE or QNH will fall outside this range (typically QFE for NTTR)

It is during these times QNE will be used, although in DCS it will take some work by the mission makers to write down airfield QNE’s before the mission or for someone to do some altimetry (maths with vertical distances and pressures) and that’s only IF the mission maker inputs a QNH outside this region

Whilst using QNE the altimeter will be set to the SAS so vertical distances are measured in FLIGHT LEVELS


“Airfield QNE nine five zero feet”

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