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RTC Overview

The RTC is the Recruit Training Course that helps new members learn the theory that the group applies while flying.
With the theory available online, the recruit will have the environment to learn and review independently from the Training Instructor (TI).

While the RTC will be the basis for learning the material, be sure to ask your TI and your Mentor questions when anything is unclear.

MOD-01 – Introduction

MOD-01 is the prerequisite for joining Discord and the G-Drive where we communicate and share data.
The introduction will take the recruit through the way Discord and G-Drive are used.

MOD-02 – Radio Communication Basics

MOD-02 will cover the guidelines in radio communication on passing of letters and numbers, passing of headings, altitudes and frequencies.

MOD-03 – Barometric Pressure Basics

MOD-03 will dive into barometric pressures. This covers the different measurements used, setting names and definitions and more,

MOD-04 – Ground Control

MOD-04 will cover airfield operations while not flying.
This includes radio procedures, what is part of the aerodrome, what part of the airfield is classified as ground and the safety measures used.

MOD-05 – Tower Control

MOD-05 will cover operating procedures while on the runway and during take-off and landing.
This includes radio procedures, what Tower controls and what to expect from Tower.

MOD-06 – VCCT and Approaches

MOD-06 will cover the Visual Circuit (VCCT) and approaches.
The VCCT is a method to operate on an airfield safely within Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC).
The Visual Run In And Break (VRIAB) and Straight In approach (SI) are covered here as well.

MOD-07 – Aerospace Battle Management

MOD-07 will cover Aerospace Battle Management (ABM).

MOD-08 – Weather

MOD-08 will cover the basics of weather and the limitations of it within DCS.

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