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RTC – MOD-03 – Pt.08 – QNH

QNH is the Barometric Pressure measured at a specific datum (e.g. Runway Touchdown Zone) and corrected down to sea-level (using known elevation above sea-level).

In DCS typically your altimeter will read 0ft at Sea level with QNH set (unless dynamic weather is in use).

Most Civil pilots and a few air forces use QNH for Airfield Ops (I don’t know why, are they mad?) Using QNH for landing means your altimeter will read the airfield elevation on touchdown.

Additionally, whilst using QNH Airfield Ops you will have to convert all Heights (i.e. DH 200ft, MDH 400ft etc etc) into Altitudes, which is done by adding the HEIGHT to the Airfield elevation for each airfield you’ll be using.

For this reason, to keep things simple, 11TSG will use QFE for Airfield Ops where possible, using QNE airfield ops as a backup when QFE cannot be used.

Whilst using the QNH you should report your vertical distance as an ALTITUDE.


“I am Level ALTITUDE 2000ft”

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