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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.06 – TACOM

The  TACOM channel is for TActical COMunications, in short, they are the channels we use to talk about up and coming campaigns, missions, planning etc etc. all mission related chat should be here.

Announcements this is for the announcement of new missions or campaigns, or it can be used to pass pertinent information relating to them for example is there was a major change to what was planned or some such, then that would get posted here. This channel should not be used for general discussion. Questions or comments about an announcement should be done in a thread. If there is no thread yet, make it or ask a Senior Staff member to do so.

TACOM-General here you will have mission/campaign chat, not much more to say about it really.

Briefing here briefing links and related documentation will get posted here. Organisation related to planning should also go here i.e. if one flight is communicating with another about mission details.

Debriefing here we will wrap up the mission or campaign sortie, talk about the outcome of the mission, discuss lessons learnt and how to improve for next time. You will also find the server TacView here too so you can analyse your performance in more detail if your TacView is missing elements.

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