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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.12 – GDrive navigation

Access to the GDrive can be gained following This Link. You will only have access if your E-mail address has been added to our list of addresses who have access. Edit rights is another permission that will be added as and when you need it. This allows us to keep strict control on who has access to our files.

Typically we operate a method of “don’t f*ck it up” for those with edit access. If you somehow make a mistake and destroy the file, let your mentor or Sqn lead know soonest and they may be able to fix it, but don’t worry too much if you do make a mistake, as they happen to all of us!

Some files or elements of files have further restricted access, this is to prevent big issues happening which could hugely impact the running of the group. If you need to change information in any of these files, please let your mentor/Sqn lead know and they will make those changes.

You’ll mostly find things pretty self explanatory as to where things are in the GDrive, but it may also take some digging, the drive changes too often for me to put an in depth guide as to where everything is, so don’t worry if you lose something, I’m sure it’s still there just moved to a more relevant location.

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