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CAS / FAC – Pt.07 – Attack and BDA

Departing CP and going to IP

Before departing the CP, first make sure sensors and weapons are ready. Think of profiles and laser-codes and the like.

Then start flying to the IP. Generally, it is best to fly a radial to ensure a safe distance to the AO.

When one minute from IP, make the following call:

IP Inbound, Rumble 31

Heartless 52

The Attack

When at IP, ensure you are lined up towards your target with the wings level. Then make the following exchange:

In from the west, Rumble 31

Rumble 31, cleared hot

When releasing weapons, make a normal weapon release call, followed by “, off <cardinal direction>”. For example:

Rumble 31, 1 away ZU-23 truck, 23 seconds, off south

The FAC will look for the impact on the target, confirm this and do a BDA.

Rumble 31, good hit, target destroyed.

After firing / releasing the weapons, turn to the egress and fly back to the CP.

If, for any reason, your ordnance didn’t drop, make sure to report that:

Rumble 31, off dry, south

Heartless 52


At any time, the FAC can call for an abort. This can happen even after clearance for a number of reasons.

At all times, you are to avoid weapon release, start flying to the egress and call that you are aborting:

abort, abort, abort, Rumble 31

Aborting, off dry, south, Rumble 31

This can also happen with a codeword, like Mustang:

Mustang, mustang, mustang, Rumble 31

Aborting, off dry, south, Rumble 31

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