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RTC – MOD-07 – Pt.06 – Understanding bullseye

Bullseye is a prebriefed location in the AO, from which all friendly units can identify locations of enemy units or target locations. The advantage of using bullseye is that you can pass the same information in a format that all flights involved can understand. Unlike a BRAA call which assumes friendly flights know your location, or when you use another flight for the reference point, assumes all friendly flights know the location of the reference flight.

The ABM will often use bullseye references so that they can pass only a single message that is useful to multiple flights.

Bullseye calls are passed similar to BRAA calls, but the reference at the beginning of the message is bullseye:

“Bullseye 120, 150, 5000, tracking north”

This means that from bullseye, bearing 120, 150nm at 5000ft there is a target, heading roughly in a northern direction.

The more modern aircraft in DCS often have ways of tracking the location of bullseye, however it is your responsibility to know where bullseye is at any point, and be able to mentally work out the air-picture from the relevant bullseye and BRAA calls.

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