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RTC – MOD-07 – Pt.08 – Differences when players are ABMs

When there is a player acting as ABM there are a number of differences.

Firstly depending on what extra software the ABM player has will depend on what they are able to do, if they only have DCS, then they are forced to use the F10 map and the limitations that it comes with. As an example, aircraft that an AEW platform picks up, will not be highlighted on the F10 map unless the mission/server settings allow fog of war to be switched off. which is rarely the case.

In such cases the player acting as ABM will require an extensive GBAD Radar system setup to allow them to see the enemy aircraft.

For those interested in becoming ABMs in the future, you should consider purchasing LotATC software as this is the best software currently available to allow players to act as ABM.

Players acting as ABM may also take up the mantle of doing multiple roles at the same time, Ground, Tower and BM are typically the roles taken on by a single ABM. However this may not always be the case. Any number of different roles could be taken on by a single ABM. As the group grows it’s possible a single ABM may have responsibility for Ground and Tower at multiple aerodromes in a single mission. Another may hold Approach/Departure Radars and BM roles.

Because of this it will be even more important to ensure you’re on the right frequency at the right time, your Flight Lead should make sure you know when, and what, to switch to.

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