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RTC – MOD-06 – Pt.03 – How to fly the VCCT

There are various different types of VCCT, the one which we at 11TSG will focus on will be the oval VCCT as it is the most appropriate for our uses and the simplest.

Our VCCT will be flown at 1000ft QFE left handed (unless stated by “Right Hand” after the Runway Call)

Turns should be made at 30 Deg bank or a rate 1 turn (3 Deg/s) whichever gives the lesser bank angle (for beginner pilots, only a 30 Degree bank angle should be used)

Speed within the VCCT will vary by aircraft type, however no aircraft should exceed 250kts in the VCCT, with a goal of flying around 200-160kts. Many aircraft will fly the VCCT much slower (A-10s or AV-8s in FNSL circuits) but if an aircraft cannot safely fly below 250kts then they should use a Straight in approach.

There are 4 positions to this type of VCCT, they are:

  • Upwind – any position between the runway, and Downwind
  • Downwind – parallel to the Runway
  • Final – any position from turning off Downwind and the runway
  • Deadside – the side of the airfield NOT used for the VCCT
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