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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.05 – The Flying Bull Pub (1/2)

At the Flying Bull Pub we have all generalised chat, you will find later we have other channels for more dedicated talk to avoid missing information that is relevant to what you may be after.

General is for posting very general chat, not necessarily about DCS or even for organising more ad-hoc DCS sessions and such. DCS questions though, should not be asked here.

News is specifically for DCS or DCS related news, there are other channels related to other types of news.

Humour this is where you post funny articles, clips, memes etc, if it’s not funny you probably shouldn’t post it there!

Welcome this is where you first landed when you joined the discord. We have permissions set up so that the majority of our server is inaccessible to new users who aren’t a member of the group somehow. So all new members will always land here, say hi and welcome them just like when you joined :).

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