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RTC – MOD-06 – Pt.08 – Straight In (SI) Approach

A Straight in approach is only used in emergencies, or for training (for use in emergencies, and for training, either singly or in pairs landings for ILS, PAR and IAA IFR Approaches).

It allows aircraft an extended (gentle) period to line up on the runway, useful if suffering battle damage.

The Aircraft flies “Straight In” from 8nm from the runway. At 4nm from the runway they are considered “finals” and IN the VCCT.

This is a very slow approach and is very difficult for aircraft to sequence behind aircraft doing a SI approach. Also when aircraft are sequenced behind correctly, it creates a very long line of slow moving aircraft and so difficult to cover them all inside effective SAM cover. For these reasons the VRIAB is to be considered the “default” approach, and SI approaches carried out in emergencies or for training as outlined above.

The Radio calls for a SI approach are different to that of a VRIAB and are outlined below:

  • Call ATC when no less than 20nm out from the airfield
    • 1.1 Pilot: “(ATC) (Callsign) (Position) Request straight in approach”.
    • 1.2 ATC: “(Callsign) “Straight in approach Approved, rwy # (right hand) (QFE (Hg/hPa mn/in)), report 4 miles final gear down with intentions” or “Negative””.
    • 1.3 Pilot: “Straight in approach Approved, rwy # (right hand) (QFE (Hg/hPa mn/in)), report 4 miles final gear down” or “Negative, (Callsign)”.
  • At 4 miles out
    • 2.1 Pilot: “4 miles final gear down, to Land/Low Approach/Touch & Go, (Callsign)”.
    • 2.2 ATC: “Cleared to Land/Low Approach/Touch and go (Surface wind)”.

If the aircraft Aborts (Goes around), Low Approaches, or Touch & Go’s, they continue as per the VCCT.

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