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RTC – MOD-02 – Pt.05 – Transmitting Techniques Pt1

The following transmitting techniques will assist in ensuring that transmitted speech is clearly and satisfactorily received.

  • As part of an intra flight radio check ensure that the TX & RX volume is set at the optimum level
  • Be familiar with microphone operating techniques and do not turn your head away from it whilst talking or vary the distance between it and your mouth. Severe distortion of speech may arise from:
    • talking too close to the microphone
    • touching the microphone with the lips
    • holding the microphone or boom (of a combined headset/microphone system).
  • Use a normal conversation tone, speak clearly and distinctly.
  • Maintain an even rate of speech around 100 words per minute. When it is known that elements of the message will be written down by the recipients, speak at a slightly slower rate
  • Maintain the speaking volume at a constant level (no shouting just because you’re merged)
  • A slight pause before and after numbers will assist in making them easier to understand.
  • Avoid using hesitation sounds such as ‘er’.
  • Avoid excessive use of courtesies and entering into non-operational conversations.
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