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RTC – MOD-05 – Pt.05 – How to use the runway

Before take-off

At most taxiways, there is a threshold line indicating the start of the runway.

Only cross this line onto the runway with clearance from Tower. When uncontrolled, you should listen before reaching the threshold for landing aircraft. Once at the threshold, look to see there is no one ready to use the runway, then make the call. After the call, ensure others have time to warn you of any conflict before rolling onto the runway.

This line is to ensure large aircraft on the runway will have enough clearance with the wings.

Depending on the instruction from Tower, you will line-up and take-off or line-up and wait.

Once given clearance to take-off, Tower expects you to be airborne within the “normal” time of 1 to 2 minutes.

Be sure to communicatie to Tower if there is any delay beyond this.

After landing

After landing, the members of the flight will vacate the runway at one or more taxiways. Once your aircraft has completely passed the threshold line, you are cleared from the runway and to call “Runway vacated, Hammer 1-1”

If the flight did not vacate the runway at the same taxiway, the flight will split into either individual aircraft or smaller flights depending on who is with who at which taxiway.

When this happens, be sure to communicate what has changed to the controller when asking taxiback.

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