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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.15 – Recruit Training Course

Your first step to becoming a full PILOT member is to complete the remaining modules of the Recruit Training Course (RTC). This will give you the base knowledge in areas such as Recovery Procedures, Altimetry, Brevity Calls, Radio Usage, Weather Reports and more to allow you to hold your own within the group. These will require practice, time and patience to get right, but are important to do so to ensure you’re training can be more hands on and tactical, rather than wasting your mentor’s and Sqn’s time going over in depth the basics you should have already practiced and gone over.

If you’re struggling with any aspect please reach out to your mentor who can help explain any elements of the course (they have had to do the course also). As mentioned before the checks of understanding require 100% correct answers to pass onto the next phase, so if this is not met you should inform your mentor right away so they can work out where the gaps in your knowledge are. It could be something in the course wasn’t explained fully and could be done better. So don’t think it’s going to be an issue with your learning of the subject.

Much of this information may well be very new to you and so take some time to get fully immersed with it, but again don’t worry, this happens to many of our community and will soon become second nature. In time you could be someone’s mentor and be helping them through this course!

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