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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.01 – Intro

Welcome to 11 Tactical Strike Group (11TSG).

In this course you will cover all the essential knowledge required to become a Flight Officer (FO) within the group and eventually a Flight Lieutenant (FLT LT). The Recruit Training Course – Theory (RTC-T) is a package of several modules that need to be completed in order, on completion you will have the knowledge required to operate effectively at a basic level within the group.

The completion of the RTC-T will grant the rank of Pilot Officer (PO). This is to be accomplished within 4 weeks from joining.

Directly after joining, you are already welcome in the 1SQN training. Check the #calendar channel on Discord for specific timings (more on that later in Pt.14). Here you will be trained and prepared for the eventual check-ride as part of the RTC-P. If you have only time for either the RTC-T or the RTC-P, then it is preferred that the RTC-T comes first. However, with the base expected attendance of Monday briefing, Saturday mission and 1 day of training, most should have plenty of time besides the Friday training to work on the RTC-T.

After finishing the check-ride, you will be promoted to FO and you will be ready to apply to the aspired squadron and when you meet their requirements, you will be ready to train with them and joining missions will come soon after once the Commanding Officer (CO) is ready to take you along.

Every MOD has a corresponding Check of Understanding (CoU). The goal is for the Training Instructor (TI) to see that you have understood the material. With up to 3 errors, its likely considered a pass but the TI will likely contact you about the errors to see what needs elaboration. With more than 3 errors, you are likely asked to take the CoU again to show the improvement.

The course is also not expected to be completed instantly, and may take a week or two to complete the entire set of modules depending on your free time.

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