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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.14 – Events and the Calendar

Then we have the Events and Calendar.

The Calendar will give an overview of which events are planned. An example below:

This gives everyone an overview of what is going on. These events are created by the CO’s of the respective Squadrons.

When clicking on one of the links above, Discord will display the event description in the Event-Description channel.
Here it is visible who has signed up and here RSVP’s are taken.

A general rule of thumb is to put a reply in on each event you are eligible for. So when joining, APO’s will only need to sign up to the 1SQN Training.
After graduating 1SQN, the 1SQN trainings will remain available but the focus will shift to the training of the SQN that the recruit will join.

Try to keep in mind that a Maybe is more helpful than no sign-up at all.

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