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CAS / FAC – Pt.06 – Talk-on


In a scenario that is BoT (Bombs on Target), the FAC will do a talk-on with the CAS to guide the CAS aircraft to the correct target.

Depending on the location, the FAC can use the Echo point as a starting point. If that would be too far, the FAC can provide the CAS with additional coordinates to start the talk-on from.

When on station as CAS, be sure to prepare for the talk-on with both plane and sensor. This means, ensure the sensor is ready and preferably on the Echo point, and try to be positioned to avoiding masking as long as possible.

The talk-on

FAC will talk you onto the target using the mnemonic FIDO. CAS elements use visual mk. 1 eyeballs or sensors (eg. TGP).

  • F – From a point
  • I – In a direction
  • D – Distance to travel
  • O – Object seen

This can be repeated several times to “jump” from the echo point to the target.

After the initial call, during the talk-on, the callsign of the CAS aircraft can be omitted. Once the target is found, confirmation is given, which requires the callsign again.

Be sure to communicate back within acceptable margins. The FAC will provide a talk-on step, answer within 5 seconds either with an “in sight” call, or with “<callsign>”.

Whenever you are unable to acquire the object, be sure to report back as soon as you can so the FAC can try a different approach. Try to balance time spent and chance of success with the given instruction.

Standard Marking Brevity Terms

While brevity is handled in other classes as well, it’s important to review these specific brevity items here, as they are very often mixed up. Also, refer to the radio example.

In sight (Good)Not in sight (Bad)
Object / NeutralContact or CapturedLooking
HostileTallyNo joy

Radio example

Rumble 31, what do you see at the echo point?

I see a road crossing centre town, Rumble 31

From the road crossing, move north 200 metre, do you see that rail bridge?

Contact rail bridge

From that rail bridge, move west 500m along the railway, do you see that treeline perpendicular to the railway?

Contact treeline

From that treeline, move south 50m into the open field, do you see a ZU-23 on a truck in the open?

Tally on a single ZU-23 on Truck in the open

Rumble 31, That ZU-23 on Truck is your target, report IP inbound

Target is ZU-23 on Truck, wilco, Rumble 31

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