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CAS / FAC – Pt.10 – Type 2 – combined sequential addendum


With Type 2 combined sequential, there are some differences from individual.

Up until the 9-line, nothing changes. The 9-line and talk-on are conducted per flight before the coordination and the attack.
The talk-on is only done if needed. For example, with BoC, it would not be required.

Below a flowchart to illustrate this:

When finishing the 9-line or the talk-on, the FAC will call “await timing coordination” instead of “report IP inbound”.

Timing coordination

To ensure deployment in a short timespan, the FAC will start planning ordnance delivery with a set interval. The goal is 1 minute separation.

To accomplish this, aircraft will be planned in sequence as follows:

Rumble 31, are you able TOT 30

Affirm, Rumble 31

Shaker 41, are you able TOT 31

Affirm, Shaker 41

With this exchange, the CAS aircraft commits to a ToT for weapon release. It is important to be aware of you and your aircrafts capabilities and only commit if you are able. Even if you are last in line, if you are not able, call that. Too bad for the FAC that starting over is required.

To finish the timing coordination, the FAC will confirm:

Rumble 31, TOT 30, report IP inbound

Wilco, Rumble 31

Shaker 41, TOT 31, report IP inbound

Wilco, Shaker 41

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