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RTC – MOD-07 – Pt.09 – Airspace

Airspace is usually divided up depending on the mission. However a typical rule of thumb is as follows:

All airspace belongs to the BM (battlespace manager, control either on studs 8 or 9) except…

  • 20nm around airfields in use by bluefor will be under the control of the Tower controller Stud 2, or when available the Departure/Approach controllers Studs 3 or 4.
  • 50nm around friendly carriers which are under control of the marshal controller, stud 13.

Whilst airspace is under the control of certain ABMs/Controllers that doesn’t necessarily mean exclusive control, an example being once airborne from the carrier or an airfield, even whilst within the “airspace” of those areas, providing the controller you’re with is happy, you may proceed to the next ABM/controller.

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