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RTC – MOD-04 – Pt.08 – Radio checks

Radio Checks are an important part of real life aviation, but, are just as important in DCS for several reasons:

  • Conducting a Radio Check on startup ensures you know your radio (Simple Radio) is working properly, you’re connected to the right server, and settings are correct. This saves you time restarting everything after you’ve fully started your aircraft up only to find you’re connected to the wrong server.
  • Our SRS server settings use LOS and Range Limited communications, if you’re not hearing anything it may be useful to conduct regular radio checks to ensure you’re still in comms range, or to pass ops normal calls (let everyone know you’re still alive when you’re Low Level and off Radar.
  • Ensure you’ve switched to the correct Frequency, if you’ve switched to another frequency, you may have mis-dialed something, or the controller may be too busy to respond right away, either way you need to ensure you’re on the correct frequency.


A “Radio Check” is called exactly that, it’s not a “Readability Check” or anything else, you’re specifically checking the Radio of the aircraft, the response is the “Readability” of that aircraft’s radio.

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