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RTC – MOD-03 – Pt.10 – How and When to use the Different Altimeter Settings

With manned ATC, all altimeter settings should be passed by them, however if ATC say “Climb FL 200” and you have QFE set, then you should automatically switch to the SAS

On take off, approaches and landing, QFE should be set (Altimeter reads 0 on the runway, report your vertical distance as HEIGHT)

For transit (on passing 3000ft) SAS should be set (reporting vertical distance as a FLIGHT LEVEL)

When deconflicting with other elements or formations you should state your altimeter setting by the use of either “ALTITUDE”, “HEIGHT”, “FLIGHT LEVEL” (QNH, QFE, SAS)

Due to the limitations in DCS’s weather settings SAS will be most appropriate for operating in the AO, within the AO it is acceptable to use “ANGELS” i.e. Angels 5 for FL 50 or Angels 10.8 for FL 108

A Visualisation to help you see the different settings.

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