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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.02 – About 11TSG

11TSG was formed from the members of another group who left because they felt their desires in multiplayer DCS wasn’t being fully supported by a group who were trying to please every type of DCS player. They felt ultimately that by trying to please everyone you end up pleasing no-one. So in setting up 11TSG this philosophy was brought to the forefront. 11TSG only tries to please a subset of the DCS MP community, that is those who want a realistic as possible experience in DCS, while primarily flying in PvE environments.

Additionally, 11TSG is about our community. Everyone in the community is listened to in equal amounts. Ideas, plans and concepts on how to improve the community and our experience is taken seriously no matter who suggests them.

But that also requires that each and every individual member take responsibility for the group, members are not allowed to leech off of the community, and we try foster an environment where each member contributes to the community in a meaningful way. This way the enjoyment of the many is not provided by the few.

To ensure all members are willing contributors the group sets out standards on what may be considered a contribution, and to become a full member you will be required to provide said contribution as proof of willingness.

But don’t worry if that sounds daunting, your Mentor, Sqn members and the group as a whole are more than happy to help you get into the swing if you’re not confident in being able to provide that contribution. We don’t want to see you fail, only succeed. And with that bring more active members to the group. The more members we have contributing, the less each of us need to actually contribute!

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