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RTC – MOD-04 – Pt.09 – How to Conduct a Radio Check

Your first Radio check will be whilst you’re still on the ground, BEFORE you start up the aircraft, as stated before, you want to get it out the way to identify any issues before you’ve wasted time stating up fully and aligning.

Firstly you need to power the aircraft radios through either the battery or Ground Power (Aircraft Specific)

Secondly you need to select Ground (Stud 1) on the Main Radio, and your Intra Flight fq on the Secondary Radio.

Next, as a FLIGHT LEAD you will conduct a Radio Check on the Ground Fq, hopefully a Controller or another Flight Lead will hear and respond. While/after doing this you will conduct another Radio check with your WINGMEN on the Intra Flight Fq.

As a WINGMAN you will only conduct a Radio Check on the Intra Flight Fq

Once the Radio Check is complete, continue with the rest of the startup procedure.

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