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RTC – MOD-07 – Pt.03 – AWACS and GCI

AWACS and GCI are often used interchangeably where as ABM is often not used in the DCS Sphere. Their real uses however are far more nuanced.

GCI or Ground Controlled Intercept is a small slither of ABM, it specifically is a position (on the ground ironically) where the controller will specifically vector friendly interceptor aircraft towards the enemy threat. The GCI will have full control over the intercepting aircraft (known as “Positive Control”). No authority is given to the pilots of the intercepting aircraft to carry out any of their own actions. In DCS this is rarely the case, and thus there are no GCIs in DCS.

AWACS or Airborne Warning And Control System is actually just a project name for the Boeing E-3. So make no mistake, the E-3 is an AEW platform, just like the E-2.

The correct term for someone who controls the Battlespace, is a Battlespace Manager (BM) or an Aerospace Battle Manager (ABM).

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