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RTC – MOD-02 – Pt.11 – Switching Frequency Procedure

When the Lead wishes to switch frequencies they will need to conduct a radio check on the new frequency, this is known as “Checking in” and ensures all elements of the flight have switched to the new frequency and can Tx/Rx, the example will deal with Hammer Flight switching from Stud 3 (Departures) to Stud 8 (Tac/Battlespace 1) (225.00 to 257.00)

  • The lead will inform the flight to switch Frequency, they should state the frequency twice to ensure all flight members hear, flight members wait for the command “Go” before switching
    • “Hammer Flight switch Stud 8, Stud 8 GO”
  • Once the lead has switched frequency he should give 10 seconds before giving a radio check on the new frequency
    Lead will also make sure they don’t disturb any ongoing traffic on the new frequency.
    • “Hammer flight check-in Stud 8”
  • Flight members will respond to the radio check by their flight number, in numerical order
    • “2”, “3”, “4”
  • If a number is missing the following number should remain silent, the lead should wait a further 5 seconds before re-checking on the new frequency
  • On completion of the radio check, the lead will then formally check-in with all members of the new channel
    • “[Tac Callsign] Hammer Flight, 4 F-16’s checking in 10 miles north of Senaki, proceeding to engage target Alpha”
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