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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.16 – Your First Contribution

Once you have completed the RTC, you should then begin focusing on your first contribution to the group. It’s up to you what you want to contribute, but by far the easiest way for most people is to make a mission designed for a minimum of 10 people to join (you may not get 10 people joining due to time of the year or airframes you choose to include, but it’s best to plan for a good number anyway!). If you have another skill you believe you could use to contribute to 11TSG better than make a mission then speak to your mentor who can advise you on how to go about implementing it.

Some differing contributions are easier to include than others. As an example if you’re good at making skins, you can make campaign and Sqn specific skins on request. But other contributions like hosting an SRS server may be more difficult to include as we already have 2 active SRS severs and adding another one at the time of writing would not be considered a valuable contribution.

In essence, anything that isn’t a mission will have to go through the lead group to ensure they feel it’s valuable to the group, many things are, some things are at certain times but not others. So it’s best to check early!

Other things that can be considered valuable contributions would be training courses. If you have a particular knowledge of flying and want to share that with others (a specific type of aircraft like carrier training, rotary training, or a skillset such as navigation training) then running lessons can also be considered a contribution (since they take as much effort as a mission to create in many cases).

The key is plan early and if you need help, seek it from your mentor or SQN lead. If you’ve never made a mission before then don’t fret, we can train you through making your first mission.

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