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RTC – MOD-02 – Pt.01 – Intro

Welcome to Module 2 of the RTC. In this module you will learn about using the correct Radio Telephony (RTF) within 11 TSG.

In this course you will cover the following:

  • Why are effective radio comms important?
  • Application of effective radio comms
  • Comms standardisations
  • Transmitting Techniques
  • Switch frequency procedure
  • Setting up Comms on TM Warthog

To finish the course you will be required to pass a Check of Understanding, and as such you will be required to reach 100% in the Check of Understanding to advance to the next module.

In the event you are unable to achieve 100% you should speak to your mentor/Sqn lead to find out what areas need remedial training on to advance to the next module.

It is highly recommended that you use a notepad and pen to write down notes as often the act of writing it down can help the information to stick into memory better, for both the CoU and also for use in DCS!

Table of Contents
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