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RTC – MOD-04 – Pt.10 – Format of a Radio Check

The Radio Check is a 2-Way check of the Radio, it checks your microphone settings as well as speaker settings.

The response is how readable the aircraft is on a scale of 1-5, 5 being perfectly clear and 1 being unreadable. In practice you won’t ever knowingly give a 1 to a radio check as you won’t be able to make out they’re doing a Radio Check.


There is no “5 by 5”, “Lima Charlie” or “Loud and Clear”. These were used for older style radios where you need to relay signal strength and clarity, as DCS only uses Digital Radios, this is not required.


On Ground

“Hammer 3-1, Radio Check”

“Hammer 3-1, Readability 5”

“Readability 5 also”

On Intra Flight

“1, Radio Check”

“1, 2, Readability 5”

“2, 1, Readability 5 also”

Hammer flight now know both their SRS settings and in game radios are working fine. By only having Flight Leads conduct Radio Checks on the Ground Fq, this saves much of the clutter while the Ground Controller may be trying to work other aircraft.


Sometimes Radio checks may come in quiet, excessively loud, or broken. In these cases obviously you wouldn’t rate them “5”, instead Rate them based on how well you can tell what they’re saying, it may also be worth giving a little line after to tell them why it’s not a “5”


“Radio Check”

“Readability 3, very quiet”

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