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RTC – MOD-01 – Pt.03 – Squadrons in 11TSG

Squadrons in 11TSG are formed according to the rules contained within the 11TSG Orders Document.

There are currently 6 Active SQNs within 11TSG and separately there is 1SQN for the training program.

The Active Sqns are 2SQN, 3SQN, 6SQN, 7SQN, 8SQN and 9SQN, with 1Sqn being set up later for training purposes. Inactive SQNs include 4SQN and 5SQN.

11TSG uses European based naming conventions for the SQNs which is simply to use the SQN assigned number and the word “Squadron” or to use the SQN’s name. e.g. 2SQN is “Two Squadron” or “Jolly Rogers”.

SQNs should not be referred to as 1st SQN or 2nd SQN, as 2SQN would actually be 1st SQN as it was the first to be stood up, 4SQN (Currently Inactive) would then be 2nd SQN, and it becomes very confusing, or plainly incorrect to refer to them in this way.

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