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RTC – MOD-02 – Pt.06 – Transmitting Techniques Pt2

  • Depress the transmit switch fully before speaking and do not release it until the message is complete. This will ensure that the entire message is transmitted. However, do not depress transmit switch until ready to speak.
  • Be aware that the mother tongue of the person receiving the message may not be English. Therefore, speak clearly and use standard radiotelephony (RTF) words and phrases wherever possible.
  • Messages should not contain more than three specific phrases, comprising a clearance, instruction or pertinent information. In cases of doubt, e.g. a foreign pilot having difficulty with the English language or an inexperienced pilot unsure of the procedures, the controller should reduce the number of items and if necessary these should be passed, and acknowledged, singly.
  • One of the most irritating and potentially dangerous situations in radiotelephony is a ‘stuck’ microphone button. Operators should always ensure that the button is released after a transmission and the microphone placed in an appropriate place that will ensure that it will not inadvertently be switched on.
  • After a call has been made, if unanswered, allow a period of at least 10 seconds to elapse before a second call is made. This should eliminate unnecessary transmissions while the receiving station is getting ready to reply to the initial call.
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