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RTC – MOD-06 – Pt.04 – Visual Circuit Radio Calls

  • When established Downwind
    • 1.1 Pilot: “Downwind Land/Low Approach/Touch and go, (Callsign)”.
    • 1.2 ATC: “(Callsign) Surface wind  #(Degrees), # knots”.
  • When beginning turn onto final 
    • 2.1 Pilot: “Final – gear down, (Callsign)”. 
    • 2.2 ATC “(Callsign) Cleared to Land/Low Approach/Touch and Go”.
    • 2.3 Pilot: “Cleared to Land/Low Approach/Touch and Go”.
      • If pilot fails to state position of gear, ATC should remind Pilot to “check gear” and only give clearance on receipt of a  “gear down”.
  • If ATC believe the aircraft can get an approach in, but not at that point
    • 3.1 ATC “(Callsign) Continue approach / Go around”.
    • 3.2 Pilot “Continue approach / Go around, (Callsign)”.
      • If Pilots haven’t received a clearance to use the runway by 200ft QFE, the pilot must break off the approach and initiate a “Go Around”
      • It is recommend for pilots to set their RadAlt Warning to 200ft to remind them
  • The Pilot can initiate a “Go Around” themselves if they feel they cannot get an approach in.
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