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RTC – MOD-03 – Pt.06 – SAS

This is the simplest one of all, SAS or Standard Altimeter Setting, it is an altimeter setting of 29.92 inHg/1013(.25) hPa/760 mmHg

Since the Barometric Pressure of the SAS could be above or below the terrain, or even sea level, restrictions are placed on when the SAS should be used.

Because of this it is only used for the transit portion of the flight

  • Above 18000ft AMSL in NA and Canada
  • Above 3000ft AMSL in the UK
  • Various across Europe

In 11TSG you should switch to the SAS once you have left tower and are enroute to the AO, you will switch back off of the SAS once you get instructions to do so from either a Radar controller, Tower controller, or if no controllers are present prior to entering the Tower Control Airspace (discussed in a later Module)

Whilst using the SAS you should report your vertical distance as FLIGHT LEVELS (FL)


3000ft = FL030

25,000ft = FL250

Due to the limitations in DCS’s weather settings SAS will be most appropriate for operating in the AO, within the AO it is acceptable to use “ANGELS”


Angels five = FL 50

Angels one zero decimal eight = FL 108

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