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RTC – MOD-06 – Pt.07 – Visual Run in and Break (VRIAB)

A VRIAB is the preferred way of joining the VCCT, it’s faster, can be done by a full flight, and I expect, much more fun.

VRIAB consists of a “Join” via “Initials” at 1500ft QFE, once visual with all aircraft in the VCCT descend to 1000ft QFE. If the pilot is not visual with all aircraft in the VCCT they should then fly back out and rejoin vis initials


It is better if a pilot can fly out to the right to rejoin via initials as a left hand turn will put them over the VCCT and if there are any issues between aircraft in the VCCT they will immediately climb up and out of the VCCT, potentially leading to a confliction between an aircraft not visual and rejoining via initials, and an aircraft within the VCCT already in confliction conducting an emergency pullup

If turning left is unavoidable, a call on the radio should be made and a climb to at least 2000ft QFE should be done

Then conduct a level break from Deadside at 1000ft QFE not exceeding 400 KIAS. However just because the limit is 400kts does not mean you should join at 400kts, break speed should be appropriate to the aircraft type itself and this will be the overriding factor in what determines the join and break speeds.

Following the Break the aircraft is then considered downwind in the VCCT.


The break specifically refers to the turn into the VCCT, the aircraft does not need to be straight and level downwind to be within the VCCT, if they are obviously ahead of another aircraft upwind or even downwind, they will be considered ahead of such aircraft

Below are the Radio calls required to carry out a VRIAB:

  • Call ATC when no less than 20nm out from the airfield
    • 1.1 Pilot: “(ATC) (Callsign) Position … FL/Altitude. Request join”.
    • 1.2 ATC: “(Callsign) Join runway #, (right hand), (QFE (inHg/hPa/mmHg))”.
    • 1.3 Pilot: “Join runway #, (right hand), (QFE (inHg/hPa/mmHg)), (Callsign)”.
  • At Initials (Between 3-5 nm DME ) 
    • 2.1 Pilot: “Initial (Callsign)”.
    • 2.2 ATC: “(Callsign) (pass circuit traffic info)”.
    • 2.3 Pilot: “(Callsign)”. Not required.
    • 3 Pilot: “On the break to Land/Low Approach/Touch and go, (Callsign)”. 

After this point the aircraft is considered “Downwind” in the VCCT, continue as such.

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